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Workshop Submission Guidelines

The AUGS PFD Week Planning Committee is excited to open the call for pre-meeting workshops. Our member volunteers are a critical part of the program’s success and the committee appreciates your submissions. All workshop presenters are required to adhere to the below guidelines. Please review the following policies prior to submitting your proposal.

Preconference Workshop is an in-depth, interactive, value-added presentation that are four hours in length. These should be highly participatory workshops that cannot be effectively addressed in another format. All presenters are expected to submit electronic versions of handouts or other materials used in their sessions to AUGS, prior to the conference which will be made available to attendees via the app. If accepted, your session may be scheduled in any time slot based on the need of the organization. All applications are due February 26, 2021 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. No exceptions will be made.

Submission Criteria

  • Session Title – titles should be descriptive of the content of the session
  • Needs Assessment – explains how the session will meeting the educational needs of the target audience and identifies any practice gaps that will be addressed during the session
  • Session Overview – describes the relevance of the content to the learner and explains how content areas will fit together
  • Learning Objectives – bridges the gap between previously stated needs and the desired outcome/result of the learner. Please list 3-5 learning objectives.
  • Target Audience – identifies which learners will likely benefit from the educational content (health professional, clinician, researcher, etc.)
  • Agenda – outlines specific topics, content areas that will be covered and identifies specific content experts who will cover each topic. Please include the contact information for all speakers you identify

Applications that are incomplete will be rejected without review.

Travel and Conference Registration

All presenters are required to register for PFD Week. Due to budgetary considerations, it is not possible to offer an honorarium.

Noncommercial Policy

AUGS education programs are learning experiences and are noncommercial. Under no circumstances should a preconference workshop presentation be used for direct promotion of a speaker's product, service, or other self-interest.

Limits on Number of Presenters

The number of presenters listed in a proposal should reflect the needs of the format selected. For all pre-conference workshop presentations, a maximum of four individuals (including the course director) are permitted.

Important Dates to Remember

  • February 26 - Call for Application Closes
  • Mid-April – Accept/Reject Notifications

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be reviewed by the PFD Week planning committee members, using these criteria:

  • Clearly stated purpose and objectives
  • Timeliness of the subject matter