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Thursday, October 5
6:45 am – 7:45 am


Using Acupuncture for Pelvic Floor Issues: Fact or Fiction?
Ilana Addis, MD

Surgical Anatomy of Vaginal Hysterectomy: Make Your Own Model
Mallika Anand, MD, MS, FACOG

Sustainable Global Health Programs Full
Joan Blomquist, MD; Rahel Nardos, MD

Best Practice in Your Busy Practices
Cassandra Carberry, MD, MS

Teaching Surgical Skills to Millennials and Digitals Full
Robert F. Flora, MD, MBA, MPH

The Gynecologist’s Role in Identifying and Responding to Human Trafficking
Julia Geynisman-Tan, MD

The Role of 2D Dynamic and 3D Multicompartment Sonographic Imaging
Aparna Hegde, MD

How to be an Effective Witness in a Deposition
Michael Karram, MD

Sling Revision: When, Why, and How
Mary Grey Maher, MD, FPMRS

Research in Action: Beyond Retrospective Chart Reviews
Jameca R. Price, MD, MPH, MCR

Implementing Enhanced Recovery Programs in Your Clinical Practice Full
Elisa Rodriguez Trowbridge, MD, FACOG

Neurourology for the Urogynecologist Full
Michael J. Kennelly, MD, FACS, FPMRS

Sex and Chronic Pelvic Pain Full
Kristene E. Whitmore, MD


Friday, October 6
6:45 am – 7:45 am


Complications After Apical Vaginal Prolapse Surgeries Full
Samuel S. Badalian, MD, PhD

Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering Applications in FPMRS
Jeffrey L. Cornella, MD

Building a Successful Interstim Program
James A. Daucher, MD, MS

To Poop or Not to Poop
Angel Marie Johnson, MD

Embryology, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Congenital Anomalies
Saifuddin T. Mama MD, MPH, FACOG, FACS, FPMRS

The Nighttime Battle Between the Bedroom and Bathroom Full
Deborah L. Myers, MD

Actively Managing Academic Mentorship Relationships
Vivian Sung, MD

Use of Near Infrared Imaging in Complex Robotic Surgery
Lioudmila Lipetskaia, MD

Essential Gynecology for the Female Pelvic Medicine Specialist
Christopher Tarnay, MD

Botulinum Toxin: Practical Applications in Urogynecology
Michael J. Kennelly, MD, FACS, FPMRS

How to be a Successfully Employed FPMRS Subspecialist
Folusho Stephen Tugbiyele, MD

Tips and Tricks on the Difficult Vaginal Hysterectomy
Michael Karram, MD