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Mini State-of-the-Art Lectures

The following talks have been accepted as Mini State-of-the-Art Lectures. The list is subject to change

Hematuria: What Should We Be Doing? Compare and Contrast Recommendations from Various Societies

Speaker: Oz Harmanli, MD (United States)

Responsible Innovation in an age of Intense Scrutiny – Considerations for Patients and Investigators

Speaker: Samantha Pulliam, MD (United States)

How does the Pelvic Floor Change after Childbirth and What Can be Done About It?

Speaker: Vicky Handa, MD, MHS (United States)

Updates on OAB Treatments: Is There Evidence for Combination Therapy Using Both a Beta 3 Agonist and an Anticholinergic, and What is the Risk of Memory Impairment with Anticholinergic Use?

Speaker: Leslie Rickey, MD, MPH (United States)

What is Our Understanding of Pelvic Organ Prolapse Based on Basic?

Speaker: Mariana Alperin, MD, MS (United States)

What is the Current Evidence Regarding the Evaluation and Management of Defecatory Dysfunction Caused by Bowel Outlet Obstruction?

Speaker: Heidi Brown, MD, MAS (United States)

Current Status and Recommendations Regarding the Use of Vaginal Lasers

Speaker: Eric Sokol, MD (United States)

Currently Available and Anticipated Advancements in Vaginal Graft with a Focus on Allografts and Xenografts

Speaker: Pam Moalli, MD, PhD (United States)

Currently Available Imaging for Pelvic Floor Disorders

Speaker: Milena Weinstein, MD (United States)

Evaluation and Treatment of Pelvic Floor Hypertonicity

Speaker: Uchenna Ossai, PT, DPT, WCS (United States)