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PFD Week On-Demand

Experience PFD Week YOUR way!

Back by popular demand, PFD Week will be offered on-demand. Covering all general and concurrent sessions, over 40 e-Posters and four pre-selected workshops, this is a great way to experience PFD Week. 

Purchase on-demand access to PFD Week 2018 now. 

What's Included

Registration for PFD Week 2018 On-Demand includes access to:

  • All general sessions
  • All keynote speakers
  • All debates and panels
  • Over 40 e-posters
  • Four pre-selected workshops:

Multidisciplinary Evaluation and Management of Vulvar Disorders

Workshop Director: Debbie Ritchie, NP – University of Missouri
Faculty: Nazema Siddiqui, MD, MHSC – Duke University, Charles Butrick, MD – The Urogynecology Center, Elizabeth Hartmann, PT, DPT – Dee Hartmann Physical Therapy, and Leah Moynihan, RNC, MSN – Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island

This workshop will cover how to perform a thorough vulvar history and exam; normal vs abnormal findings; when to biopsy and vulvar treatment guidelines; skin care; dilator use; compounding formulas; and physical therapy for the patient with dyspareunia. Interesting case studies will be presented covering dealing with patients with vulvodynia.

Avoiding and Managing Complications During Robotic/Straight Laparoscopy Sacrocolpopexy

Workshop Director: Patrick J. Culligan, MD – Weill Cornell Medical College
Faculty: Peter L. Rosenblatt, MD – Boston Urogynecology Associates, and Kristie Greene, MD – University of South Florida

This “video-heavy”, practical, clinical course is designed to provide detailed surgical tips used regularly by three busy urogynecologists who perform hundreds of laparoscopic sacrocolpopexies per year. The course will touch briefly on patient selection and optimal surgical steps. It will primarily focus on avoiding or getting out of trouble during difficult cases as well as ways to recognize and deal with post-op adverse events. Designed for even the most experienced attendees, participants will come away with specific and useful ideas that may lead to greater efficiency, success, autonomy and/or safety.

Enhanced Recovery Programs: Bringing Evidence-Based, Standardized Preoperative Care to Your Patients and Overcoming Institutional Obstacles - An Interactive Session

Workshop Director: Elisa Rodriguez Trowbridge, MD – University of Virginia
Faculty: Sarah Evans, MD – University of Virginia Health System

Enhanced Recovery Programs (ERP) are evidence-based protocols designed to improve functional rehabilitation after surgery. Creating standardized surgical protocols has been shown to improve patient safety. During this time, attendees will review the component of ERPs in each phase of care and present the existing literature of outcomes of ERPs in the benign gynecologic population. Participants will also be instructed on how to implement ERP protocols by providing examples of current perioperative protocols and order sets.

Surgical Failures: Practical Approach for Next Time

Workshop Director: Christopher M. Tarnay, MD – UCLA School of Medicine
Faculty: Jennifer T. Anger, MD, MPH – Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and Tamara Grisales, MD – UCLA

This workshop will be heavily weighted for the practicing pelvic floor surgeon. The content will span the breadth of surgical practice and provide actual patient examples from presentation to treatment to follow up. Options will be presented with the actual solution provided. This session will be bolstered by reviewing the existing data on repair choices and our expert presenters will share their input when information gaps exist.


PFD Week Presenter: $75
PFD Week Attendee: $125
Non-Attendee: $200