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PFD Research Foundation Reflections

The theme of PFD Week 2018 is “Reflections” - focusing on learning from the past to reinvent the future. In alignment with this theme, the PFD Research Foundation is asking you to share your reflections on your career that can help shape the future of female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery. Reflections could include memories of your mentor and their indelible advice, pearls of wisdom you have picked up in the operating room, or valuable experiences you have had at past AUGS meetings.

Contributions to this campaign will be directed to support and grow the PFD Research Foundation Research Grants Program to ensure the FPMRS research future remains strong.

For a tax-deductible contribution of $100:

  • Your reflection will be shown on a slide throughout the meeting.
  • The reflection may include a photo and message.
  • You will receive an electronic copy of all submitted reflections following PFD Week 2018.

The submission period is now closed.